​Barnard Academy ​Speaks to State Board of Ed.
Act 46 ​& Small Schools Grant

Lots of ​Short Public Comments and One Outraged Superintendent

​​​June 8, 2018

The day long meeting covered mostly ACT 46 issues including the controversial requirements for schools to receive small school grants known as small schools grant "metrics". 

For your convenience, the recording is broken into multiple videos. Each video has a short description above it. Be sure to scroll down to see all that's there. There are a couple of segments yet to be posted that will come along in due course. 

Public comment in this video was provided by representatives of a number of towns. The SBE limited the comment length to a mere 2 minutes each. Comments on behalf of Barnard Academy were offered by Carin Park (at 7min 20sec), Pamela Fraser (at 15m 10sec), and Linda Treash (at 19min 55sec).

Scott Thompson spoke twice (both are in this video) and provided words well worth hearing. He even talked about a former girlfriend in the second short talk. 

The video below is a discussion among the state board members only. But it proved too much for one outraged school superintendent (at 1hr 13min).

This video is the afternoon part of the board's discussion started in the morning (video above).

Th​ere were a couple of other segments of the meeting that will be provided in due course. 

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